Netfon has extensive experience in the preparation of a number of reports that meet the needs of installers or operators. We have prepared more than 350 Site Survey Reports (TSSR or SSR), As-Built and As-Is reports.

A TSSR or SSR is a technical report that records in great detail the current and/or future installations at a station. The items to be tabulated depend on the requirements of the customer, but usualy include photos (station, antennas, equipment, cabling, panoramic etc), the equipment that are present (including serial numbers if needed), installations by other operators on the same mast/tower, suggestions for new installation (proposed location, routing of cables, etc) and others.

An As-Built (or As-Is) report comprises all the works that are carried out to fully represent and portray the current status of a radio-communication station, e.g. a mobile telephony base station. It also incorporates the registration of the information related to the installation of a station, which may be used for verification of compliance with the specification and/or for reference purposes in future network upgrading or extension plans.

Netfon is in the position to provide the As-Built service with two-dimensional linear plans (2D) or three-dimensional models (3D).