Netfon is the most experienced and successful company in Cyprus as far as the conclusion of station site acquisition agreements is concerned, having signed more than 750 agreements so far. Netfon has concluded site acquisition agreements for various types of projects, on rooftops and on green fields, with single and multi-owner situations, as well as for sensitive, environmentally protected or remote areas.

The prevailing regulatory and environmental frameworks as well as the anti-antenna public sensitivities render the site acquisition agreement process a challenging, but rather complex and time consuming task.

The process usually starts by specifying the overall area where the station would be erected - this is done by the customer alone, or together with Netfon. Subsequently, Netfon proceeds on its own and identifies possible site candidates, contacts the corresponding owners, establishes together with the customer the technical suitability of a particular site and handles on its own all negotiations with the owner of the site, keeping the customer informed at all times. The site acquisition process is completed by presenting the customer with a signed rental agreement that meets with its requirements.

Netfon’s commitment is always dedicated to meeting the needs of the customer, always respecting, however, and abiding with the prevailing regulatory and environmental conditions.