According to the prevailing regulatory framework, applications for town planning licenses for radio-communication station erection in specific sensitive areas must be accompanied by an environmental study. These sensitive areas include (1) archaeological sites, (2) preserved, traditional or historical buildings, built-up areas or areas, and (3) places of exceptional natural beauty, seaside, protection areas for nature, wild birds and animals, biotopes and forest land.

The environmental study must estimate the effects on the environment due to the erection and operation of the proposed station. It must also verify that the proposed radio-communication station is sensitively integrated in the nature and character of the area and adapts to the specific characteristics of the area in such a way so as to minimize its effect in the landscape and limit its aesthetic intervention.

Netfon is in a position to carry out such environmental studies according to the requirements of the environmental and town planning authorities, submit them for approval or appraisal accordingly and subsequently include them in the applications for town planning license.