The direction finding and source location of unknown signals are usually rendered to customers who need to identify interference or unknown signals that they receive.

Using high precision calibrated directional antennas and spectrum analyzers, Netfon verifies the interfering signal, identifies its direction of origin and the location of the emitting source at either vertical or horizontal polarization within the 9kHz to 6GHz range.

Direction Finding measurements are carried out at various carefully preselected locations (at least three), following consultations and information received by the customer. The captured signal directions are plotted on a digital map and by triangulating, the approximate area of the transmitter is isolated. This area, where possible, is scanned again in greater detail in order to find the exact location of the source.

The report prepared for the customer includes the results of the measurements and describes the procedures used. The results are documented with screenshots of the spectrum at the frequencies of interest, as captured at the various measurement points, the direction identified at each measurement point and the area in which the transmitter was found to be located. Furthermore, the results are plotted on a map, which is also included in the report.

Netfon has successfully implemented a number of direction finding projects for both operators, Cyta and epic.