Netfon has acquired wide experience in the regulation of electronic communications. Its experience emanates through its direct involvement from the early stages of the introduction of the liberalization in the Cyprus electronic communications market and its continuous update with and association in the developments of the regulatory and competitive environment in the sector at European level. Specifically, Netfon has been involved and can provide services in:

  • Public Consultations and Hearings for Laws, Regulations, Decrees and Decisions;
  • Negotiations and Conclusions of Interworking Agreements including Interconnection, Unbundling of Local Loop, National Roaming, Number Portability, Collocation;
  • Preparation of Reference Offers (RIO, RUO etc);
  • Regulatory Technical Audit to Incumbents or to Organizations with significant market position;
  • Advice to operators on regulatory issues;
  • Presentations on behalf of operators to Regulators and Bodies for the Protection of Competition.